Midnight Blues Combo

$339.99 $360.78

This box features an elegant combination of dark blue and light blue flowers with a touch of white, including Blue Thistle, Light Blue Delphinium, Dark Blue Delphinium, Light Blue HydrangeaBaby Blue Eucalyptus, and White Anemones.

Standard Tier Box Contains:

  • Blue Thistle: 3 bunches
  • Delphinium - Light Blue: 2 bunches
  • Delphinium - Dark Blue: 2 bunches
  • Hydrangea - Light Blue: 10 stems
  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus: 5 bunches
  • Anemone - White: 20 stems

Lux Tier Box Contains:

  • Blue Thistle: 4 bunches
  • Delphinium - Light Blue: 4 bunches
  • Delphinium - Dark Blue: 4 bunches
  • Hydrangea - Light Blue: 20 stems
  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus: 8 bunches
  • Anemone - White: 30 stems

Grand Tier Box Contains:

  • Blue Thistle: 6 bunches
  • Delphinium - Light Blue: 6 bunches
  • Delphinium - Dark Blue: 6 bunches
  • Hydrangea - Light Blue: 20 stems
  • Baby Blue Eucalyptus: 10 bunches
  • Anemone - White: 50 stems

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How do flowers arrive?

All flowers and fillers will arrive in bunches. Each order is delivered in a rectangular insulated box and flowers will need to be removed, trimmed, and placed in water.

Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature, exact color tones of products may vary to some degree.

In the event that a substitution may be necessary to make certain that your items are delivered on time, we may need to substitute stems for a similar product.

When should I order for my event?

You must order at least 2 weeks before your expected delivery date. Delivery dates for events should be 2-3 days beforehand.