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Endless Love Collection

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Purity Collection

Lace Collection

Sonoma Collection

Cheers Collection

Boho Babe Collection

Promise Collection

Whimsy In White Collection

Burgundy Beauty Collection

Be Mine Collection

Pretty In Pink Collection

Enchanted Collection

Adore Collection

Country Sunset Collection

Modern Pastel Collection

Citrin Collection

Terracotta Collection

Love Song Collection

Desert Dawn Collection

Vintage Romance Collection

Lovely Lavender Collection

Desert Sun Collection

Serenity Collection

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How DIY wedding flowers work

Select from 30+ packages on our website and the corresponding size that matches your wedding. Based on the number of arrangements you select, we will ship the appropriate amount of stems to create the bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres shown. Since most flowers come bunched together in units of 10 (roses come in bunches of 25), we round up the size of the order so you receive extra flowers with every purchase.

Once you find a perfect collection, pick a delivery date 2-3 days before your event. This gives you plenty of time to arrange the flowers. We suggest recruiting some family members, friends, and even the bridesmaids to partake in the arranging fun. Since you receive extra flowers, each member of the wedding party may add their own special touch to a bouquet.

The arranging process involves unpacking the blooms, trimming the stems, removing unnecessary leaves, and combining flower types into the arrangements themselves. A few hours is all you should need, depending on the size of your wedding.

If you need to customize a package or swap out any flower types, please feel free to contact us and we can create a unique DIY package for you.

Happy DIY-ing!

Where we ship flowers

We currently ship to 48 US states. Packages are delivered via priority overight shipping to ensure your flowers stay fresh.

Flowers are harder to obtain in certain regions at an affordable price, which can range from smaller to larger cities. Cities like Miami serve as a flower hub for most flowers growing in different parts of the globe. When shopping in regions that are not near these hubs, flower and shipping costs go up and become unaffordable for brides, especially when florists charge high markups. We ensure cheap flowers are available wherever you are located. All prices are marked up the least we feasibly can while also providing top-tier shipping service at no additional cost.

Here are the most popular cities we ship wedding flowers to:

New York (NYC), Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, Denver, Seattle, Columbus, Charlotte, Phoenix, Ashburn, Washington, Boston, Nashville, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Austin, Orlando, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, San Antonio, Raleigh, San Diego, Omaha, Portland, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Baltimore, Kansas City, Detroit, San Jose, Miami, Salt Lake City, Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Madison, Tampa, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Louisville, Virginia Beach, Grand Rapids, Birmingham, and New Orleans

This list extends to cover any city that Fedex delivery can reach.