There’s a lot of advice flying around for the couple planning a modern wedding - pressures to spend more, do more, and go big in all different areas of your special day. Whether it’s the ceremony, the venue, the guests or the decor, the range of choices can soon become overwhelming. The floral design and arrangements at your wedding are just one of the areas where budget, energy and timing constraints all collide. But choosing to go DIY with your wedding blooms can be a huge benefit to your ceremony and experience. Here’s 5 major reasons why deciding to go DIY with your wedding florals is the smart way to go - and a fun one if you play it right!

Reason 1) Keep Your Floral Spending Low

Let’s start with the obvious incentive of doing it yourself - the price point. As anyone planning a wedding knows, the price of your perfect special day starts to add up - and fast! Choosing to handle wedding decor and going DIY where you can is an excellent way to cut a big chunk out of your wedding budget. This leaves you more resources to invest in other aspects of your wedding, whether that’s being able to invite more of your friends, snagging the wedding venue of your dreams, or the providing of a spectacular open bar. Save your budget and pick DIY flowers, as they are a fun to arrange and are an easy way to take money off your wedding price tag. 

Reason 2) Get the Design Exactly How You Envisioned

As you set out planning your dream wedding, you have a vision for your special day. Who has more insight into how to realize that vision than you? What textures do you like? What color combinations make your mind fizzle happily in ways you didn’t know flowers could evoke? And what things can be mixed and matched in ways that shine in unforeseen ways? 

By putting your own arrangements together, you ensure that they are one of a kind and have your own flair and story woven in. No two DIY arrangements will be exactly the same, and that’s what makes them such a unique-to-you choice for your big day! As you arrange, you can add or subtract flowers from your designs and make real-time decisions on how they are going to look.

Reason 3) It’s Not That Hard

Don’t let the challenge of telling your story through florals intimidate you. A little bit of practice and watching a handful of arranging videos is all you need to be prepared to make your own bouquets. To make it even easier, our professional designers at Kukka have put in the hours of work necessary to create gorgeous design templates and kits to give you a starting point. You can order a pre-designed selection, or even submit inspirational photos for a custom quote.

Selecting pre-made design packages like those from our Juliet or Amber Romance collections gives you a basic structure from our professional designers to get your started.

Reason 4) Bond With Your Guests

Many hands make light work and having a team around you to help with florals is a great bonding experience. Having wedding flower helpers is more than just sourcing cheap labor. Weddings are a communal event, and asking friends and family to contribute their skills can make guests feel like they have played a role in the success of the event. Make preparing your wedding florals a party and invite the whole gang! Doing it together makes the time fly and the whole process a blast. 

Some couples even like to give their wedding party a chance to put their own personal touch on their bouquets and boutonnieres by letting the wedding party participants craft their own unique arrangements. Bridesmaids can add their own unique touch to their bouquets.

Reason 5) Unleash Your Creativity 

We all need a creative outlet, and floral arranging is a satisfying way of expressing yourself while mindfully connecting with yourself in the lead up to your special day. Getting your hands (just a little) dirty creating the floral displays for your wedding can be an especially grounding way to tune in to your senses and create something creative.

Curating and creating your own bouquets and arrangements is highly meditative and gives couples a deep sense of accomplishment. Mindfulness is a skill that we all are trying to practice under the stresses of modern life, and the quiet act of flower arranging, alone or with your nearest and dearest, is a chance to slow down, tune in to your senses, and truly be where you stand. Slow down and savor the time leading up to this special day as you use your senses to bring it into being. 

This is also a great chance to discover your own unique tastes and preferences. The love, care and labor you put into your DIY wedding florals will make them special to you and will be seen by your guests to be special too. You have complete artistic control over the final product, which you can only truly get by arranging florals yourselves. It’s a great option for couples who want every detail of their wedding to reflect their shared style and taste. Awaken your curiosity and relish in your accomplishment knowing your wedding florals reflect your love story to its fullest.  

Celebrate your day in the utmost of style that is uniquely yours. Find what you’ve been searching for at or follow us on Instagram @KukkaFlowers for a wealth of ideas and floral inspirations.