Wedding florists are expensive, but what's the cause of such exorbitant pricing? After all, we are just trying to get a few bouquets! 

The most important reason comes down to the product: the flowers. Flowers are a perishable product and travel from different parts of the globe to come together in one location for a wedding. These stems often travel from farm, to port, to store, to venue and each step along the way generates extra cost. Shipping flowers is costly because they must move quickly or else there's risk of wilting upon arrival.

Another reason why wedding florists are expensive is that they are often in high demand. With so many weddings happening throughout the year, and most falling on Saturday, it can be difficult for florists to be available on a specific date. They naturally will choose to work with individuals that are willing to spend the most money.

One more reason florists hike up the fees is due to them having to spend time and effort on the design and planning process to ensure that the floral arrangements are perfect for the wedding, which usually involves hours of "free work" well in advance. Can you imagine? All the follow up calls, the changing colors, the changing of themes, the prep, and the dealing with an occasional bridezilla all add up. Time is money to the florist, so the bride is the one who will pony up to pay for it.

It's also important to note that wedding florists offer a for-profit service, and their pricing reflects that. They are not only providing flowers, but also an experience to their customers and that labor has a surcharge. 

In total, you get pricey flowers combined with labor and a lofty markup and it shows directly in your quote.

There are alternatives to a wedding florist. Here are some suggestions:

Option 1) You can DIY your own wedding flowers

Option 2) You can forego arrangements like centerpieces, arches, garlands, flower crowns, and basically everything that isn't a bridal bouquet to bring costs down

Option 3) You can do faux bouquets

Here at Kukka Flowers, we offer option 1. Kukka lets you skip the traditional florist and their costs by providing pre-designed collections that you can arrange yourself. You simply select a design, a size, and an arranging kit, and we ship all the items you need to make affordable floral arrangements.

Check our collections or request a free quote to learn more.