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Here's a list of the most common questions DIY brides have. Select each to view the answer.

How does it work?

When should I order for my wedding?

How soon before my wedding should I have my flowers delivered?

Do you have an order minimum?

Can I order a single bouquet or a sample order?

How do I keep my flowers fresh?

Is there a deposit? How is payment made?

What else do I need other than the flowers?

How will my flowers arrive?

Can Kukka do custom packages?

Do you offer pre-arranged packages?

Are your flowers real?

How much is shipping? Where do you ship?

Can I do this (I have little flower experience)?

What if the flowers arrive in poor condition?

What if my flower shipment is late?

What if I need to cancel my order?

What if I need to change my order?

Do you provide full-service options?

How long does it take to DIY my flowers?