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Pro Tips on Flower Arranging

Our flowers arrive in semi-bud form. They will need 1-2 days to fully bloom and ship accordingly. This ensures that you will have gorgeous blooms on your big day.

Prior to receiving your flowers, please prepare yourself with all the tools & storage that you will need.

Necessary items:

Buckets (5-10 five gallon depending on the size of your package)


Floral Tape & Ribbons or Twine


Helpers (friends and family make the process much easier and enjoyable)

Let's get our hands dirty:

  1. Upon receiving your flowers, immediately remove them from the box.
  2. Cut diagonally about 1 inch from the bottom of the stems (2-3 inches for taller stems).
  3. Store in the buckets filled with enough water to cover stems at least 5 inches.
  4. Hydrate for at least 12 hours, 24 hours for optimal hydration.
  5. Keep the flowers in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight and excessive heat. Temperatures 75°F and below are good, the lower the better.

If you do not plan on arranging your flowers within 24 hours of arrival, please replace the water they are stored in. Additional flower food is not necessary. If you prefer to have flowers bloom faster, you can increase the water temperature slightly to 75-80°F. Cooling the water temperature will have the alternative affect and slow down the blooming process. Some flowers may initially look wilted, but perk up after placed in water. Roses will require the most hydration time, so plan accordingly.

For roses, make sure you completely open the cardboard packaging. Roses come packaged 25 at a time and some stems oftentimes go unnoticed upon initial viewing. Most roses include 3-4 discolored guard petals to protect their inner petals. These should be removed during the arranging process. Our roses arrive in semi-bud form, should open within 12-24 hours, and bloom to between 2.6" and 3.8" in diameter.

For hydrangeas, it is absolutely critical that all stems are fully submerged in water. Hydrangeas are extra thirsty and will wilt if not placed in water immediately. If this happens, however, you can dip the entire head of the flower into water to revive them.

For ranunculus, a separate hydrating vessel should be used to hold the flowers while they hydrate since the stems are typically smaller than other flowers.



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