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A DIY Centerpiece Anyone Can Make


A DIY wedding cannot be complete without beautiful centerpieces.  Centerpieces typically include 15-30 flowers and require a little different preparation than other bouquets.  Here are some easy step-by-step instructions to make a beautiful centerpiece for your wedding.  In this example, we chose pink and white roses as the focal flowers, but you can apply these tips to your own centerpieces.

Let's get started!


White roses

Pink roses

Dusty miller

Seeded eucalyptus 

12" diameter fish bowl vase



Thorn Stripper (optional)


Step 1: Prep flowers

Kukka Blog - DIY Centerpiece1. Remove any thorns or leaves from flowers. This will prevent harmful bacteria from entering the water and reducing the flowers lifespan.

2. Cut stems. Always cut an inch off each stem at 45-degree angle. This cut allows flowers to absorb water better. 

3. Place flowers in water as soon as possible.  Add flower food if available.

4. As a rule, make your arrangement about one and a half times taller than your container.

Step 2: Prep Vase

Kukka Flowers DIY Flowers Vase1. Start with a vase that has a wide enough round or square opening.

2. Start to line tape vertically.

3. Continue lining tape about one inch apart.

4. Start to line tape horizontally and create a grid.

5. You want to end up with enough open space to place your flowers in between the tape.

Step 3: Arrange Flowers

How to create a DIY Flower Centerpiece - Pink and White roses

1. Start placing pink roses (or the focal flower of your choice). 

2. Continue placing roses - trying to work in groups of three.

3. Add a secondary flower (white roses for this arrangement).

4. Add dusty miller (or other greenery)

5. Add seeded eucalyptus for final touches. 

All done!


Love this tutorial? Kukka Flowers specializes in DIY floral wedding packages and custom flowers so you can keep the creativity flowing.

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